The DVRFD63x 150/275 Development Board provides an excellent platform for users to discover and experiment with the IXRFD630 & IXRFD631 MOSFET Driver ICs in conjunction with one of our DE150/DE275 RF Power MOSFETs or use the DVRFD63x 375/475 to use our larger DE375/DE475 MOSFET packages.

Applicable Devices:
DE150 Series
DE275 Series
DE375 Series
DE475 Series

The DVRFD630 and DVRFD631 development boards are a general purpose circuit board designed to simplify the evaluation of the IXRFD630 and IXRFD631 MOSFET gate drivers and provide a building block for power circuit development. The IXRFD630 or IXRFD631 gate driver is factory installed on the evaluation board and is fully tested.

Two board configurations are available for each driver: The DVRFD63x 150/275 configuration enables the user to drive DE150 or DE275 sized DE Series MOSFETs, while the second DVRFD63x 375/475 configuration has a larger footprint pad for DE375 or DE475 sized DE Series devices. The board design allows both the driver and MOSFET to be attached to a heat sink, and in doing so allows the board assembly to be used as a ground referenced, low-side power switch.

  • Fully tested
  • Easy to use
  • Optimized circuit layout to assist users with their own designs
  • Add any one of four IXYSRF package sizes
  • Small compact design
  • Demonstrate operation of IXYSRF gate drivers and MOSFETs.
  • Stand-alone operation as a low side ground reference power switch when a MOSFET is added.



Open Frame Printed Circuit Board

DC Support Power (V)


Input Signal (V)


Dimensions - L x W x H (Inches)

4.5 x 2 x .55

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Demonstration Board Model NumberDescription
DVRFD631-150/275IXRFD630 Gate Driver, accommodates DE150 or DE275 series MOSFETs
DVRFD630-150/275IXRFD631 Gate Driver, accommodates DE150 or DE275 series MOSFETs
DVRFD630-375/475IXRFD630 Gate Driver, accommodates DE375 or DE475 series MOSFETs
DVRFD631-375/475IXRFD631 Gate Driver, accommodates DE375 or DE475 series MOSFETs