N-Channel Enhancement Mode MOSFET

VDSS = 500V
ID25 = 10A
PDC = 470W
Package- DE275
Designed for low capacitance and optimized for linear RF operation

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The DE-SERIES and ISOPLUS247 Linear Z-MOS MOSFETs are a class of unique high power devices designed for low capacitance and high frequency linear operation in class AB and class C type topologies. This Fast Power TM technology features low insertion inductance (≈2nH), and a low profile low cost plastic package, with a RthJC as low as 0.08ºC/W, which provides exceptional switching speeds and power handling capabilities.

The DE-SERIES offer 10 times the speed and 3 times the power dissipation, with half the volume, one third the weight and greatly reduced die stress, of comparable conventional power MOSFET devices. It also employs the most electrically, mechanically and thermally advanced high speed device design available today. The combination of silicon die and packaging make the DE-SERIES the device of choice for high power linear RF applications.

The ISOPLUS247 offers the performance of the DE Series linear Z-MOS MOSFET but with the convenience of industry standard packaging. This offers a lower cost alternative for designs that do not demand the performance level of the DE-SERIES. Multiple lead configurations aids in circuit board lay-out with the ability to place power leads and traces closer to each other, minimizing circuit board inductance.

  • Isolated substrate
    • high isolation voltage (>2500V)
    • excellent thermal transfer
  • Increased temperature and power cycling capability
  • IXYS advanced low Qg process
  • Designed for low capacitances and gate charge.
  • Very low insertion inductance (No Beryllium Oxide (BeO) used or other hazardous materials
  • Also available in industry standard ISOPLUS247 packaging with multiple lead configurations

Frequency: Equal to many HF, RF devices.

Gain: Designed for bias stability at high operating voltages.

Power Dissipation for DE Series: Approximately twice that of HF, RF MOSFET devices and over 3 times higher than conventional MOSFET devices.

High Power Surface mount design: This allows the device to be loaded on to the PCB with all the other components in a high or low power configuration, simplifying mechanical assembly of the system.

Lowered Mechanical Stress: The device floats on the thermal compound such that the mounting hardware will not induce further package stress.

Low Inductance Packaging: The DE-SERIES has the lowest insertion inductance of any equivalent power device.

Economical High Power Mounting: The mounting configuration does not require machining of the PCB or an expensive clamping mechanism.

    Class A, AB, and C RF Power Amplifiers


Vdss - (Drain to Source Voltage - V)


Id - (Drain Current - A)


Rdson - (Resistance - Ω)


Ciss - (Input Capacitance - pF)






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