An N channel enhancement mode MOSFET and our high-performance Gate Driver combined in the DE Series package and optimized for RF and high-speed switching at frequencies up to 27.12 MHz.

Vdss = 500V
Id25 = 15A

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The IXZ631DF18N50 is a CMOS high-speed, high-current IXRFD631 gate driver and 500 V MOSFET combination module specifically designed for Class D, E, HF, and RF applications at up to 27 MHz, as well as other applications requiring high speed, high power switching.

The IXZ631DF18N50 in pulse mode can provide 95 A of peak current while producing voltage rise and fall times of less than 5 ns, and minimum pulse widths of 8 ns. The input of the driver is fully immune to latch-up over the entire operating range. Designed with small internal delays, the IXZ631DF18N50 is suitable for higher power operation where combiners are used. Its features and wide safety margin in operating voltage and power make the IXZ631DF18N50 unmatched in performance and value.

The IXZ631DF12N100 is packaged in IXYSRF’s low-inductance RF package incorporating layout techniques to minimize stray lead inductances for optimum switching performance. The IXZ631DF12N100 is a surface-mountable device.

The DVRFM631DF18N50 demonstration board may be used to evaluate the functionality of the IXZ631DF18N50 module.

  • Isolated substrate
    • High isolation voltage (>2500 V)
    • Excellent thermal transfer
    • Increased temperature and power cycling capability
  • IXYS advanced Z-MOS process for low parasitic capacitance
  • Low RDS(ON)
  • Very low insertion inductance
  • No Beryllium Oxide (BeO) or other hazardous materials
  • Latch-up protected
  • Low quiescent supply current
  • RoHS compliant
  • Optimized for RF and high speed
  • Easy to mount, no insulators needed
  • High power density
  • Single package reduces size and heat sink area
  • Class D or E RF switching generators
  • Switch mode power supplies (SMPS)
  • Pulse generators
  • Transducer driver
Vdss - (Drain to Source Voltage - V)


Id - (Drain Current - A)


Rdson - (Resistance - Ω)


tr - (risetime ns)


tf - (falltime ns)






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