N-Channel Enhancement Mode MOSFET

  • VDSS = 1200V
  • ID25 = 8A
  • PDC = 250W
  • Designed for low capacitance and optimized for RF and high-speed switching
  • Available in multiple lead configurations
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The DE-SERIES and ISOPLUS247 Linear Z-MOS MOSFETs are a class of unique high-power devices designed for low capacitance and high-frequency linear operation in class AB and class C type topologies. DEI’s Fast Power TM technology features low insertion inductance (≈2nH), and a low profile low-cost plastic package, with a RthJC as low as 0.08ºC/W, which provides exceptional switching speeds and power handling capabilities.

The DE-SERIES offer 10 times the speed and 3 times the power dissipation, with half the volume, one-third the weight and greatly reduced die stress, of comparable conventional power MOSFET devices. It also employs the most electrically, mechanically and thermally advanced high-speed device design available today. The combination of silicon die and packaging make the DE-SERIES the device of choice for high power linear RF applications.

The ISOPLUS247 offers the performance of the DE Series linear Z-MOS MOSFET but with the convenience of industry standard packaging. This offers a lower cost alternative for designs that do not demand the performance level of the DE-SERIES. Multiple lead configurations aids in circuit board layout with the ability to place power leads and traces closer to each other, minimizing circuit board inductance.

  • Isolated substrate
    • high isolation voltage (>2500V)
    • excellent thermal transfer
  • Increased temperature and power cycling capability
  • IXYS advanced low Qg process
  • Designed for low capacitances and gate charge
    • easier to drive
    • faster switching
  • Very low insertion inductance
  • No Beryllium Oxide (BeO) used or other hazardous materials
  • Also available in industry standard ISOPLUS247 packaging with multiple lead configurations
  • Also available in our high-performance DE Package

Switching Speed: HF, RF MOSFET devices that are 5 -10 times faster than conventional MOSFETs

Frequency: Equal to many HF, RF devices and at least 5-10 times higher than conventional MOSFETs.

High gain: Approximately 3 times higher than HF, RF MOSFET devices.

Power Dissipation: Approximately twice that of HF, RF MOSFET devices and over 3 times higher than conventional MOSFET devices.

High Power Surface mount design: This allows the device to be loaded onto the PCB with all the other components in a high or low power configuration, simplifying mechanical assembly of the system.

Lowered Mechanical Stress: The device floats on the thermal compound such that the mounting hardware will not induce further package stress.

Low Inductance Packaging: The DE-SERIES has the lowest insertion inductance of any equivalent power device.

Economical High Power Mounting: The mounting configuration does not require machining of the PCB or an expensive clamping mechanism.


Class C, D, and E High Power Generators
RF Power Amplifiers
High-Frequency SMPS
Induction Heating
Laser Diode Drivers
High-Speed Pulse Generators

Vdss - (Drain to Source Voltage - V)


Id - (Drain Current - A)


Rdson - (Resistance - Ω)


Ciss - (Input Capacitance - pF)






Lead Configuration

Gate – Drain – Source

Part NumberLead Configuration
IXZR08N120Gate - Drain - Source
IXZR08N120AGate - Source - Drain
IXZR08N120BDrain - Source - Gate