IXYSRF RF Power Modules combine state-of-the-art CMOS gate driver ICs and power RF MOSFETs in single devices to enable more compact and efficient designs along with a reduced parts count. The modules are packaged in IXYSRF’s low-inductance RF package incorporating layout techniques to minimize stray lead inductances for optimum switching performance in a surface-mountable device.

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Image Name Vdss (V) Id (A) Rdson (Ω) Tr (ns) Tf (ns) Mode Package Datasheet hf:att:pa_voltage hf:att:pa_current
IXZ631DF12N100 1000 12 1 2.4 1.55 Switching DE-475

1000 12
IXZ631DF18N50 500 18 0.3 3.4 1.65 Switching DE-475

500 18