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Product Notifications

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  • PCN - Product Change Notice
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Transition to Laser Device Marking PCN-1042017-02 PCN Manufacturing is moving to laser engraving for device part numbering and any identifying marks that were previously inked for all IXYSRF devices. October 04, 2017

High Capacity Molding PCN-2172017-01 PCN In order to increase production volume and to reduce product lead times, IXYSRF is introducing higher capacity molds for device packages: DE150, DE275, DE375, DE475 for all MOSFET and Gate Driver part numbers. February 17, 2017

IXRFD631 Manufacturing Directive and Part Number Change to IXRFD631-NRF PCN The IXRFD631 is manufactured with material that is not rated for the high temperatures required for a reflow solder process. Therefore these devices are not recommended for use in manufacturing processes using solder reflow. As a part of this PCN, the product part number has been changed to IXRFD631-NFR from IXRFD631. March 31, 2017

Relocation of Gate Bond Wires on DE-Series Devices (all DE- 150, DE-275, DE-275X2, DE-375 and DE-475 devices) PCN An approved assembly subcontractor for IXYS Colorado, will change the location of the bond
wires from bonding to the device Lead Frame to the device DCB (Direct Copper Bond)
substrate. This change will improve the overall reliability of the devices, and will be phased in
on a lot by lot basis.
December 31, 2015