30A CMOS RF MOSFET Gate Driver

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The IXRFD632 is a CMOS high speed, high-current gate driver specifically designed to drive MOSFETs in Class D and E HF RF applications as well as other applications requiring ultrafast rise and fall times or short minimum pulse widths. The IXRFD632 is an improved version of the IXRFD630, with a Kelvin ground connection on the input side to allow use of a common mode choke to avoid problems with ground bounce. It can source and sink 30 A of peak current while producing voltage rise and fall times of less than 4 ns and minimum pulse widths of 8 ns.

The input of the driver is compatible with +5 V or CMOS and is fully immune to latch-up over the entire operating range. Designed with small internal delays, cross conduction or current shoot-through is virtually eliminated. The features and wide safety margin in operating voltage and power make the IXRFD632 unmatched in performance and value. The surface mount IXRFD632 is packaged in a low inductance RF package incorporating advanced layout techniques to minimize stray lead inductances for optimum switching performance.

The DVRFD630-631 MOSFET Driver Development Board is available to evaluate the functionality of the IXRFD632 gate driver and to provide a building block for power circuit development. The IXRFD631 is factory installed on the evaluation board and is fully tested.

  • High Peak Output Current
  • Low Output Impedance
  • Low Quiescent Supply Current
  • Low Propagation Delay
  • High Capacitive Load Drive Capability
  • Wide Operating Voltage Range
  • Kelvin Ground
  • A Kelvin ground connection on the input side allows use of a common mode choke to avoid problems with ground bounce
  • High Power Surface mount design which allows the device to be loaded on to the PCB with all the other components in a high or low power configuration, simplifying mechanical assembly of the system.
  • Lowered Mechanical Stress ensures the device floats on the thermal compound such that the mounting hardware will not induce further package stress.
  • Low Inductance Packaging using the DE-SERIES package and has the lowest insertion inductance of any equivalent power device.
  • Economical High Power Mounting since the mounting configuration does not require machining of the PCB or an expensive clamping mechanism.
  • RF MOSFET Driver
  • Class D and E RF Generators
  • Multi-MHz Switch Mode Supplies
  • Pulse Transformer Driver
  • Pulse Laser Diode Driver
  • Pulse Generator
Ipeak (A)


tr - (risetime ns)


tf - (falltime ns)


PWmin - (Minimum Pulse Width - ns)




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Contents: 4 files

IXRFD631 READ ME.txt: This file you are reading.
IXRFD631.asc: Device model schematic file.
IXRFD631.asy: Device model symbol file.
IXRFD631 full bridge.asc: Schematic file that demonstrates the driver model but is not needed for general use elsewhere in other LTSPICE schematics. The example circuit is of a 7 MHz full-bridge resonant generator.


Model schematic file- This file contains the schematic of the gate driver which includes NMOS, PMOS, Schmitt inverter, and input capacitor loading.
Model symbol file- This file contains the driver symbol which is used to draw schematics within LTSPICE.
Demonstration schematic file- This is a general schematic that uses the IXRFD631 in a full bridge resonant driver.